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The village of Selimiye is a small fishing village in Hisarönü Inlet, surrounded by villages of Bozburun, Turgut and Söğüt, which all are in the township of Marmaris. Besides from fishing, people of the village make their living by crafting wooden boats, beekepping, olive cultivation, livestock farming and tourism, becoming popular in the last decade.


The blue of the Aegean Sea greets you where the steep hills covered with olive, almond and orange trees end. The crystal clear waters of the sea makes this village and ideal vacation spot not only for guests coming to spend their holidays here but also for boats which are on Blue Voyages in the region.

It is a must see destination for sailors who enjoy the wind in their sails as well as guests cruising on motoryachts in the Hisarönü Inlet, and to have a dinner by the sea consisting of the Mediterranean delicasies and fresh, daily caught fish.

The village which has carried the name “Losta” until the final stages of the Ottoman Empire, was re-named “Selimiye” during the 1890-91 nationalist movement.


During the mandatory population exchange in 1923 between the Greeks and the Turks, the local Greek population moved away from the island and Turkish nomads and Balkan immigrants were placed in the village. The age median in Selimiye is quite high, probably due to a combination of factors; inhaling the breeze from the sea, oxygen that the surrounding trees create and working hard as a standard of life. It is quite possible to see local ladies whose ages you will not even come close to guessing, to greet you during your morning walk...

Hope you enjoy this gem of a village as much as we do!

Selimiye Köyü
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