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Vira Demir with its understated elegance in harmony with the pristine Selimiye
village itself, promises you peace, joy, and pleasure.


We have discovered this beautiful gem of a village some twentyfive years ago. In reality, it was our late father Demir Tiryakioğlu who made this discovery during a boating excursion. Upon seeing Selimiye, he felt that the laid back atmosphere of this quaint village puts a person into a peaceful state of mind after the chaotic big city life. He had imagined Vira Demir, which was a little village house back then, as the place where he would be spending his retirement years. Today, as his children, we are keeping this dream alive all the while feeling deep gratitude and thankfulness to his great spirit...

While refurbishing Vira Demir to its current style, the inspiration came from the memorable places that we have visited and flavors that still linger on with us, during our holidays past. We’ve aimed for recreating those unforgettable, happy memories at Vira Demir and chose our mission to be ‘great quality of service is the standard of life’ at our cosy, boutique hotel.

The establishment has opened its doors to a limited guest list of our friends only in 2014. Starting 2015, we have taken the art of hospitality to a professional level. Vira Demir serves its guests with six unique rooms which offer the modern day comforts along with the traditions of a village house. We’ve strived to add value to the surroundings both interior and exterior, without taking away from the natural texture of this lovely village.

Vira Demir invites you to be its guest and promises you an unparalleled vacation experince full of the blue of the Aegean Sea, tranquility, and delight that you will feel to your core.

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